40 [EXCITING] Things To-Do in Amsterdam For a Perfect TRIP!

Visiting Amsterdam? Here are some Things to do in Amsterdam to make your Trip Memorable

There’s a never-ending selection of things to do in Amsterdam in any weather, with many of the most rewarding experiences is to be found when you step out of the good tourist paths of the city center.

Waterside hangouts, frequent festivals, and parks are amazing. So, whether you’re visiting for the weekend or a fortnight.

Here your essential Things to do in Amsterdam Checklist of the best Amsterdam attractions and unmissable experiences to be remembered.

Top things to do in Amsterdam

You can never get enough of the activities when you in Amsterdam. There is always something going on around the city that you can take part in.

You can take part in and enjoy tons of events going on in Amsterdam throughout the year.

Not all things to do in Amsterdam can be mentioned but some are described below. Give them a good read and enjoy your trip to  Amsterdam

1 – Try herring from a herring cart

Try herring in Amsterdam

Herring is a small fish that is very popular among Dutch people. It is caught in the North Sea and the East Sea near Denmark and is available from mid-May to mid-July. Dutch raw herring is famous for being a remedy for the sake of hangovers.

Raw herring may sound a little scary to you the uninitiated, but every visitor to Amsterdam should give it a go and have fun. A good raw herring must have a soft bite. It tastes and smells fresh and salty.

You’ll spot haring herring carts serving up this Dutch especially all around the city -.You can also ask for a ‘broodje haring’ to get the fresh fish served in a small sandwich with pickles and onions.

2 – Take a look at the History at Anne Frank House

Reflection on the atrocities committed against the Jewish people during World War II at the Prinsengracht house where diarist Anne Frank and her family hid right from the Nazis for two years after feeling persecution in Germany.

Anne Frank is one of the former residents of Amsterdam’s.

The Anne Frank House located at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam is where she lived in by hiding with her family for more than two years during World War II.

Now converted into a museum it contains a sobering exhibition about the persecution and heritage of the Jews during the war, as well as discrimination in general.

3 – Exhibition of Anne Frank

Exhibitions at Anne Frank house museum

The rooms at the Anne Frank House still depict the atmosphere of the period spent in hiding.

Historical documents, photographs, film images and original objects that were belonged to those in hiding and those who helped them to illustrate the events that took place.

Anne’s original diary and other notebooks are also displayed in the museum.

4 – Wakeup and smell The Tulips

Tulips in amsterdam

Tulips are a definitive symbol of Dutch culture, and a trip to the Netherlands wouldn’t be complete without feasting your eyes on these beautiful blooming tulips.

The most famous place to buy fresh tulips and bulbs in Amsterdam is at the Bloemenmarkt.

The world’s only floating flower market which lines the Singal with a display of colorful flower stalls. There’s much more to tantalize your taste buds.

Keychains, wooden tulips, and postcards are also in wide range and plentiful around the Flower Market, while other thoughtful gifts and surprises can be found in the Christmas Palace.

This specializing in baubles and other festive decorations.

It is open every day of the year.

5 – Take a photo on the I Amsterdam letters

You can also track down and have pictures while traveling I Amsterdam letters which move around the city.

If you ever come across these letters. This something you must do in Amsterdam and post it on your Snapchat or Instagram and Show off!

This is an amazing memory to have in Amsterdam.

Free things to do in Amsterdam

Luckily there are plenty of free things to do in Amsterdam. Experiences and attractions that you can enjoy on a budget.

Free things to do don’t hurt anyone.

Being a tourist it makes you have more fun enjoying free things.

Some of the free things to do in Amsterdam are mentioned below. If you get a chance to been to Amsterdam these might help you.

6 – Take the Free Walking Tour of Sandeman’s New Europe

Free Amsterdam walking tour by young guides works on a tip only basis.

This free walking tour helps you in this confusing city when you seem to get lost while sightseeing. Sandeman’s new Europe is one of the biggest walking tour companies in the world.

They offer more than a 100 tours on a daily basis and people love to take these tours with some of the best tour guides.

In Amsterdam, the walking tour starts at 11:15 am and 1:15 pm and it begins from the National Monument at Dam Square.

Anyone can join these free tours and get the most out of their visit to Amsterdam.

7 – Get on board with the Floating Flower Market

Do visit the famous floating flower market for free and enjoy all the colorful flowers with wonderful smells.

This floating flower market is the only one of its kind in the world and it remains blossomed and fragrant throughout the whole year.

During December, the flower market also sells green Christmas trees to spread the joy of Christmas.

One of the most unique features of the flower market in Amsterdam is the fact that the whole flower market is floating on the Singel Canal between Koningsplein and the Muntplein. It is open all 7 days of the week.

8 – Take a FREE Boat Trip for Amazing Sightseeing experience Of the City

Take free boat trip

You may get many free opportunities in Amsterdam.

One of it is to have a free boat trip along with the amazing serene view and along with the flower market.

Best Boat Tours of Amsterdam are lead by Locals.

A new way of sightseeing to serve you with the best locations to visit. Every boat tour is different and is customized by the guide/ skipper. He will design the best itinerary for you so that you can see Amsterdam with fun.

9 – Free Classical Lunch Concert: Concertgebouw on Wednesdays

On every Wednesday from mid-September through to June you can go for a free concert in the Concertgebouw on Museum Square.

The free Lunch Concert takes place at 12.30pm  with a 30-minute public performance along with it.

There is no entry fee however if you want a guided tour of the Museumplein afterwards, that will cost you 10 Euros.

You must reach the venue at least an hour before the beginning of concert as there is a long waiting line. The smaller hall is used and hence seats are filled up quickly.

It is a great experience for everyone, be it locals or tourists, and everyone should experience t he lunch concert at least once.

10 – King’s Day – April 27

Every year Amsterdam puts on a huge variety of free festivals, entertainment, and events.

King’s Day festivities in April invite locals and tourists into Amsterdam’s to the open-air fun.

In the streets, canals, parks and everywhere in between, the city is full with orange color as Amsterdammers enjoy the biggest street party of the year.

King’s Day is basically the king’s birthday and it is a national holiday in the Netherlands. The whole country breaks into a festival on this day and everyone has the time of their lives.

11 – Enjoy the Free Lunch & Concert at Muziektheater on Tuesdays

Every Tuesday from 12.30-13.00 from September to May there is a free lunch concert in the foyer of Dutch National Opera & Ballet at Waterloo Square.

People come and enjoy it in their free time.

The performers there are members of the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra, the Chorus of De Nederlandse Opera or Opera Studio Nederland; the programme on offer is varied and always of a high standard that satisfies visitors demands.

12 – Get Inspired by the Art collection at Rijksmuseum

check out the art collection at Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum has a small venture and it is located at the airport just beyond passport control.

Original artworks right from the Rijksmuseum collection can be seen here.

Rijksmuseum Schiphol is open daily from 7 am until 8 pm and is free of charge by showing a valid boarding pass.

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is a unique place and initiative by the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The Rijksmuseum is the first museum in the world that has a branch at an airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the first airport to house a museum inside its terminal.

The Museum Shop located beneath the museum offers high-quality souvenirs that are made especially for the museum.

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Schiphol contains masterpieces of the Dutch Golden Age. Passengers can have a  view on the selection of works by famous masters of the Dutch Golden Age, all from the Rijksmuseum collection.

The museum consists of a suspended, gold-colored space that has a shop which is located below the museum.

Fun things to do in Amsterdam

13 – SWING on Europe’s Highest Swing

Highest swing in Europe

You know what, this fun thing to do in Amsterdam and doesn’t need a big explanation. It is the most fun and refreshing thing to do in Amsterdam. But oh well it isn’t free it needs the price and is around 19€.

Swing 100 meters high, move back and forth over the edge of the tower with Amsterdam below are their feet. Enjoy the unrivaled view over our capital city while the adrenaline flows through all your body.

Apart from the A’DAM LOOKOUT entrance ticket which is €12,50, you also need a separate ticket for Over the Edge.

A swing ride will cost you only €5 and ticket is available online, and at the box office and also on the roof at the entrance of the swing.

14 – Sip Coffee at Coffee Shops and Ganja Tour

Alright. So many people asked and yes, it is a fun and relaxing thing to do, along with a mate.

Netherlands, especially Amsterdam is famous for its serene environment, beautiful people, hospitality and great places to visit.

The coffee shops all around the country are one of them and you will definitely fall in love with them.

Delicious coffee and snacks, surrounded by friendly people and chirpy hosts, you would want to spend every evening sipping from your mug and taking in the beautiful surroundings.

There are also super interesting tours that cover the background of the coffee shops. The history will get your keep you more indulged in your cup of coffee.

15 – Have fun Solving puzzles at Escape Room with awesome story-telling

An escape room is a room filled with riddles and puzzles.

You and your buddies solve the puzzle, find the solution and ultimately get the key to escape the room.

It is a perfect activity for a rainy day and outside the box.

Escape Rooms are increasing day by day on popular activity in Amsterdam.

Great for groups, these real-life adventure games see participants those are locked in a room and try to solve a series of puzzles in order to find their way out.

16 – Enjoy Free music, Comedy, and shows at Vondelpark

Vondelpark is a huge place filled with many activities that you can enjoy with friends and family.

Apart from having a beautiful picnic, you can take a walk, visit the zoo, observe the beauty of nature and so much more.

In summers there is an open-air theater called “Openlichttheater” where one can enjoy many events, shows etc.

Special events, workshops, theaters, concerts are all a part of the great Vondelpark. You can spend an entire day there and still not run out of things to do, which will leave you excited to visit again and again.

17 – Ice Ice Baby! Visit the Coolest Bar In Town, The Ice Bar Amsterdam

XtraCold Ice Bar Amsterdam

The coolest venue in town is the ICE BAR.

Walk in and get a jacket so you can stand in the -45°…well okay, it’s “only” -10°c, but still cold.

The atmosphere is great, the overall price is good with 3 drinks included in the entry fee and we would definitely recommend it, especially if you’re roaming in the bad weather in Amsterdam. It is a must-have for a good experience in low price.

Things to do in the Red light district

Things to do in Amsterdam Redlight district

It is very likely that you have heard about this neighborhood, to be frank, everything that you have heard is probably true.

From brothels to museums, the Amsterdam Red Light District has all of it.

But contrary to what is that what a lot of people might think, the Amsterdam Red Light District has a very friendly and casual atmosphere and isn’t as dangerous as it used to be.

18 – Camaleon tours

In Amsterdam, city tours are a must. They are so entertaining and eye-catching.

People love them as they help in exploring the city more. They are a tour operator company based in Amsterdam.

Native Spanish speakers guide for trips and walking tours in Amsterdam and another countryside.

19 – Food tours for Foodies

Long or short picnics without food is impossible. Good food is life for picnics.

Amsterdam is famous for its great food and restaurants. You can enjoy your favorite type of food at low prices as well.

There are countless restaurants, bars, and cafes, all big and small, traditional and contemporary. Visiting these places will give you a new insight into the country’s past and present.

You will fall in love with the Netherlands more and more after every foodie tour to different cafes and restaurants.

20 – Dam Square

It is a vast open space with The Royal Palace, War Memorial and the Nieuwe Kerk overlooking it.

Dam Square is famous in the red light district where people enjoy food stalls, shops, and many more entertaining activities.

It is the heart of the city and a very busy place. You will find the place filled with tourists who go to see the place and know more about the history.

There is grand architecture everywhere which gives great opportunities to tourists for taking pictures.

21 – Historical and heritage tours

Museums in Amsterdam is a must for tourists. They have many museums full of knowledge which is a must for the ones who have a picnic there.

Some of the most famous museums include the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum in the Museumplein.

Anne Frank House is one of the most visited places in the world as it oozes history and gives a clear insight of what Jews went through during the WWII.

People from all around the world visit these historical sites and museums in the Netherlands and enjoy walking through Dutch history.

22 – Shopping in the Red Light District

Some of Amsterdam’s most interesting shops are found in De Wallen and the surrounding area.

As mentioned above, the city is encouraging to small business to open in the area, which has led to some wonderful shopping spots.

Anyone visiting the Red Light District ends up in these small yet fascinating shops and buying gifts for themselves and for others.

23 – Game and entertainment centers

Amsterdam has great games and entertainment centers for people of all ages.

Be it, teenagers or adults, everyone can enjoy games and have fun together and have a great time together. They have exciting games including both, old traditions and new technologies.

You can visit these entertainment centers with friends and family to have a fun evening.

Some of the famous games centers include the VR Gamehouse, Kartfabrique, Room Escape Amsterdam etc.

Cool things to do in Amsterdam

24 – Rent a Bike and Move Around the City

Rent a bike in amsterdam

In a city which is as famous for its bicycle culture as anything else, this might seem a bit obvious.

But seriously, one of the best ways to have some fun in Amsterdam is to get on a bike and see the city on a fixie by yourself.

Bike ride has always been a fun. You can go anywhere you want to.

Go local and get on your bike, it’s a great way to explore the whole city. A day’s bike rental should come in just under €10 and the experience in return is fabulous

25 – Go to a speakeasy

While there are plenty of beer bars in Amsterdam, there are also more than a few cool places for cocktails.

Speakeasies are sort of hidden bars that are smaller than your average size but famous for their retro style.

They usually require passwords or directions to get into but once you’re in there, you’re guaranteed to have a time of your life.

Some of the famous speakeasies are the Wynand Fockinkn, The Butcher, World Class room etc.

26 – Visit Tales & Spirits Amsterdam

One of Amsterdam’s most auspicious spots to indulge for innovative food and cocktails, the attentive and knowledgeable bartenders make you feel right at home in its classy but quirky interior.

Tales & Spirits was opened back a few years ago and play residence to award-winning mixologists, who stay active in the progress of Amsterdam cocktail scene.

Discover its playful and delicious spirit for yourself.

27 – Lounge about in Vondelpark

Just a beautiful, serene, big green space, Vondelpark is one of the coolest places to hang out on a sunny day in Amsterdam.

And since 2008, it’s apparently legal to have sex in the park (as long as it’s nighttime and you don’t leave behind any condoms).

They don’t need a law.

28 – Shop on Haarlemmerstraat

Shoshannah from Amsterdam told me to visit this street and the nearby Jordaan neighborhood on Sunday morning and it was a definite bright highlight.

There were a lot of cool shops selling everything from fine Dutch cheeses to cool men’s clothing besides toys and food.

There was even some extraordinary street art along the way.

29 – Visit Noord

The Noord is a thriving hub of cultural activities in Amsterdam that is famous for its green beauty and hospitality.

You can spend your day visiting traditional shops and learn about the historic town or even ride a bike through the town to experience it in depths.

The street markets are a great way to spend some time and shop for yourself or for souvenirs for friends and family.

Most people while visiting Amsterdam, leave the Centraal station and head straight for the Red Light District.

But instead of doing that, if you turn around and go out the back of Centraal station you will end up at the ferry port where you can take a tour of the great canals.

30 – Visit De Pijp

De Pijp is a former working-class whose neighborhood which has seen its share of gentrification over the years. And you really must know what that means.

Now it’s a hipstery ‘hood with cute and small cafés, underground bars and street art.

31 – Check out the street art on Spuistraat

This street in central Amsterdam is full of cool street art and graffiti, which you will be astonished. Bring your camera along because some of it is definitely photo-worthy.

The captures will be worth to remember.

Cheap Things To Do in Amsterdam Under €5

The Museumkaart allows you to enter many of the major museums in Amsterdam for free without having to queue up and waiting for tickets. This includes the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Hermitage and Stedelijk which all normally charge from €15-€20 entrance.

32 – Houseboat Museum

Explore an authentic Amsterdam houseboat at Prinsengracht 296K. It is a walk westwards from Spui.

When visitors got very curious about his lifestyle living in a houseboat, owner Vincent van Loon decided to turn his house into a museum for people to come see for themselves.

Close to Anne Frank House, Westertoren and Leidseplein, Houseboat museum is located at a perfect location for tourists.

Tickets start from €4.50 and open from Tuesday – Sunday  10:00 Hrs -17:00 Hrs.

33 – Glowing Experience at The Electric Ladyland Museum

Things to do in Amsterdam - Electric Ladyland

If you missed the chance to attend the Amsterdam Light festival then you can always visit the Electric Ladyland. Although it does not include those awesome walking tours. but, it still serves the purpose.

A unique museum showing the fluorescent lighting art. At Tweede Leliedwarsstraat in the Jordaan. Costs only €5 and it is open Tue-Sat 1300-1800.

On entering the basement, visitors are surrounded by bulbous, other shapes creating a fully-immersive environment straight out of a Love Generation fever dream.

When the black light comes on, the home-made shapes the spring to life as every surface glows with a neon ambiance.

34 – Visit the Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Tulips in amsterdam

This is a small shop in the Jordaan district that is at Prinsengracht 116 and rebranded as a museum.

It has various displays on the history of the tulip flower.

At cost €5 entry, perhaps a little steep for some unless you have a real interest in tulips, they develop your interest and it opens daily 1000-1800.

[BONUS]Cheap Things To Do in Amsterdam between  €5 to €10

In Amsterdam, There are uncountable things to do even if you don’t huge bucks along.

These little activities can still make your trip memorable.

The following museums in Amsterdam have an entry fee that is between €5 and €10.

35 – Visit the Allard Pierson Museum 

The city’s archaeological museum with a fine collection of heritage from ancient civilizations.

The museum is a house to artifacts from ancient civilizations that includes Egypt, the Near East, the Greek World, Etruria, and the Roman Empire.

It is a heaven for people interested in the study of ancient civilizations and a great place to spend a quiet afternoon at.

At the extreme right of Oude Turfmarkt 127 in the center.

36 – Amsterdam Pipe Museum 

A museum that is dedicated to smoking pipes and paraphernalia is located at the Prinsengracht 488.

You will get to know so much more about the history of pipes than you ever knew your could.

The whole museum is dedicated to smoking pipes, tobacco, and paraphernalia and proves to be a heaven for smoke lovers.

What else can you want? Amazing things that you love are available as you want.

37 – Cat Cabinet, A unique Museum of cats! SERIOUSLY?

A quirky museum with a unique collection of cat-related art.

A museum that is for cat lovers that feature a collection of objects in which wholly centered around the theme of our feline friends.

Cat lovers from around the world love visiting this museum that gives a whole new perspective to cats and their lifestyle.

38 – Get the 24 Hour GVB Transport Ticket

For €7.50 you can buy a GVB day ticket and ride Amsterdam’s trams, metro and buses for more than 24 hours.

For example, explore modern architecture at the west of the island of IJburg.Do visit the Flevopark have a look at the Amsterdam Arena Stadium or old Olympic Stadium.

You can take an overview of the whole city in just 24 hours with this transport ticket. You can go wherever you want using the trams, buses and metro.

It is a great way to visit the entire city when you’re short on time but don’t want to miss out on anything.

Book a ticket online, less costly pick-up in Amsterdam.

39 – Waterland Day Ticket

You can explore the Waterland area at just north of Amsterdam which includes historic fishing villages and pictures of green polders.

Visiting the Waterland is a great day trip to take with your friends or family. Visit to the water-rich and green town is a remarkable experience.

A Waterland day ticket costs around €10 and you can hop-on and hop-off the EBS buses all day.

40 – Zaanse Schans

You can go and see the windmills and village sight at Zaanse Schans, some from  15km north of Amsterdam.

Watching these powerhouses in action can be the most amusing sight. It is a great day trip that will leave you with so much knowledge about windmills and their role in power generation.

A day return train ticket from Amsterdam Central to Zaandijk Zaanse Schans will set you back €7.40 including €1 cost of disposable ticket surcharge.


So, here were the few things mentioned which will make your Amsterdam trip memorable and fun. Whenever you plan a trip to Amsterdam.

You might have a thought in mind what are the things to do in Amsterdam, it will be easy for you. Give it a good read.

Make your picnic enjoyable and fun with this article. These things to do in Amsterdam are not gender restricted. It is for every age group too. I hope you will have a great trip to Amsterdam.

Don’t forget to share if you like what you read!


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