Welcome to ImExpat Term and Conditions

The following are some terms and conditions that give the basis for the rules and regulations to be adhered to while using our website.

If you access our website, we will assume that you have accepted all the Terms and Conditions completely. Do not keep going if you do not agree with the terms and conditions given in this page.

Terminologies used in the Terms and Conditions are as below:

  • The words “You”, “Your” and “Client” refer to the person using the website and agreeing to the terms and conditions
  • “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Ourselves” and “The company” refer to our company, ImExpat
  • “Us”, “Party”, or “Parties” can refer to either the client or to both the company and client.

The aforementioned expressions can be used in singular, plural, uppercase, lowercase or as “he”, “she” or “they”. They will be interchanged as per the context but will give the same meaning.


When you approach and operate Iamexpat, you agree to the use of cookies which is observing the website’s privacy policy. Cookies are employed by many of the interactive websites and authorize them to assemble user details for each visit.

The cookies are used on Iamexpat to allow the functionality of this zone. They’re also used to issue ease of use for the website users.

Some of our advertising or associate partners also use the cookies for business ventures. This is also part of your consent that you have provided by clicking on the website.


ImExpat of its licensors have rights for all intellectual property and content on the website unless voiced differently. These rights are reserved and can be utilized privately by the client by surveying or printing only if they obey the limitation provided in the terms and conditions.
These include:

  • No re-publishing the material from Iamexpat
  • No renting, sub-licensing or selling of the material is permitted
  • The content cannot be reproduced, replicated or imitated from Iamexpat
  • Redistributing the content from Iamexpat is also not allowed


Some corporations can hyperlink to Iamexpat without our registered assent beforehand. These include:

  • Search engines
  • Government agencies
  • News organizations
  • Online Directory Distributors are allowed to link to ImExpat when they list us in the directory only if they do so in the same way as they link to other websites on the list.
  • System Accredited Businesses that cannot include charity shopping malls, charity fundraising groups, and Non-profit organizations,

The above-mentioned organizations can link to the homepage of Iamexpat and the publishing on the material there.
The links, however, should fulfill the following requirements.

  1. Must not be deceptive in any way
  2. Must not imply patronage, endorsement of approval of the company that is linking, its products or services
  3. The link should fit within the context where used

The link requests of the following types of organizations can be considered or approved by ImExpat.

  • Automobile Association, AARP and Consumers Union
  • dot.com community sites
  • Associations or other groups representing charities that includes charity giving sites
  • Online directory distributors
  • Internet portals
  • Accounting, law and consulting firms having businesses as primary clients
  • Educational institutions
  • Trade associations

Reservation Of Rights:

ImExpat holds the right to petition deletion of our links at any time.

If you agree to the terms and conditions, you agree to remove all the links immediately when requested.

We also have the right to alter the privacy policy and terms and conditions of Iamexpat at any time. If you are linked to the website, you are supposed to acknowledge these all the time.

Removal of links from our website:

You have the right to contact us if you find any link on our website objectionable. ImExpat is not compelled to remove the link straightaway or to answer you but we will examine the request of link removal.
ImExpat tries its best to keep the details on our website correct and new, but we do not assure the accuracy or completeness. We also cannot confirm that the content will always remain up to date.

Content Liability:

ImExpat shall not pledge any responsibility or liability for what appears on your website. By assenting to our terms and conditions, you have consented to defend us against any assertion that is based on the content from your website.

The content on any page on your website may not contain any material or content that can be considered criminal, obscene or libelous. It may not violate or infringe any third party rights.