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Street Art Amsterdam – Check Out These Amazing Free Style Graffiti Artworks

The list of most famous things attached to the name of the city like a natural part of it includes the fascinating Amsterdam street art.

There are so many places where you can explore and experience the true and cultural effects of street art Amsterdam.

Most of the people have this among the top items on their bucket lists while visiting the great historic city.

The Captivating Street Art Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam will never let you get bored. Even if you’ve lived there for years and years, you will still find places to explore and things to visit. Street Art Amsterdam takes up a proud spot on this list of things.

The history and unique characteristics of each piece of art is enchanting and takes you in a whole new world. Getting to see the work of so many talented artists and how the city embraces it all turns out to be pretty mesmerizing.

Street Art Amsterdam – An Expat’s Review

I had heard so much about the street art in Amsterdam long before I went to live there. I knew that I had to explore all the places and hence started a journey of going from street to street to take in the artistic culture and beauty of the city.

From Jordaan to Spuistraat, Go Gallery to Space Invaders. Everywhere I went, I got more and more engaged, never wanting to stop this quest.

I noticed that my perception of street art was wrong all along. I considered this form of art to be mostly vandalism and illegal. But once I set on to this journey, I realized that the illegal graffiti has evolved into something so different. The street art Amsterdam is a symbol or beauty of the city and represents its true culture.

I found it truly amazing how beautifully these young, and famous, artists have painted many parts of the city with colors of culture and history ready to be receded by locals and tourists alike.

The Evolution of Street Art Amsterdam

The journey of Amsterdam street art from illegal graffiti to a form of high-quality masterpiece of art is truly breathtaking. Any surface, be it walls, floors, bridges, trains etc, is turned into something special just by introducing paints or glitter or even something as simple as a tile.

Graffiti has come a long way but the way it turned into a legal piece of street art fascinates most of us. Even government offices and official buildings are not paying these high-end street artists to add some style and color to the dull structures.

The Street Art Museum Amsterdam provides a proof that street art Amsterdam is not illegal anymore. There are places dedicated to this unusual yet highly appreciative form of art that the city has embraced with open arms.

Exactly Who Are These Artists?

The artists are not just college students looking to blow off some steam. Professionals from around the world come to Amsterdam to add in their mark to the city’s beauty. The city provides a platform for talented artists to come and experience a new world of art with a bigger canvas.

There are many famous artists who use stencils to paint similar artworks in different cities, even different countries all around the world.

Famous Street Artists

Here is a list of some of the most famous street artists.


amsterdam street art


Graffiti art on amsterdam city walls

Laser 3.14

free style graffiti amsterdam


street art amsterdam

Art of Bust

freestyle street artists in amsterdam netherlands

8 Must-Visit Destinations for Street Art in Amsterdam

Although there are countless places where street art Amsterdam is exhibited, some of them are more prominent than others. Here is a list of amazing places to explore the Amsterdam street art in all its depths.


This beautiful and historic neighborhood is another hub for street art Amsterdam. All you gotta do is explore the streets and you will have one of the most amazing experiences taking in the creative pieces of art by talented street artists.

pigeon graffity street art

De Wallen

Explore the alleys and canals of De Wallen to find hidden pieces of fascinating street art.

wall art work in amsterdam


Created by Max Zoro, this beautiful painting attached to the wall above a coffee shop comes to life when light shines through it. The artist has put his heart and soul into the art piece and it clearly reflects.

creative street graffiti art amsterdam

Go Gallery

Go Gallery is one of the few galleries or museums solely dedicated to street art Amsterdam. It is really fun to visit and gives you a new insight into the world of amazing and creative street art.

graffiti art gallery amsterdam


The Spuistraat used to be the headquarter of street art Amsterdam, with colorful gem of buildings everywhere. However, it has turned into a sad picture with abolished buildings with a few masterpieces left.

street art amsterdam images


In Entrepotdok, across the “Hippo Bridge”, you will find a hippy cultural shock with amazing artwork that includes a metal dinosaur, a kangaroo with a baby in the pouch and so much more.

amazing street art under the bridge in amsterdam

Space Invaders

A street artist from France who calls himself “Invader”, plasters his art on different buildings. His artwork is inspired by the old arcade game called Space Invaders. He uses it as a metaphor and actually “Invades” space by creating puzzling pieces of street art.

space invaders

De Blauwe Vioolspeler (“The blue violin player”)

The reason for the statue being so famous is because no one knows where it came from or who made it. It just appeared one day and since it didn’t come in the way, it stayed there ever since. Adding a vibrant color to the place, The Blue Violin Player is perfect for taking pictures with.

blue monument player sculpture amsterdam

Restaurant Suggestions for Street Art Fans

If you’re a big-time street art Amsterdam fan, then you need to visit this amazing restaurant in Rembrandtplein. At De Bajes you will find street artwork from many famous artists like D*Face, The London Police, Ben Eine, Luiz Risi, Hugo Kaagman, Fanakapan, Jaune, Laser 3.14, Ox Alien, Cranio and Soren Solkaer on the walls.

There is also a bar called Checkpoint Charlie, that is styled with street art from The London Police. It can prove to be a really cool hangout place with your friends.

Street Art Museum Amsterdam

For any street art fan, the street art museum Amsterdam is a fascinating place to be in. Imagine a whole museum dedicated to the famous street art Amsterdam. Anyone having even a little bit of interest in art must visit this place as it surely opens up new doors and provides a new perception of arts, especially street art.

The street art museum Amsterdam is located at the Immanuel Kanthof 1, 1064 VR. Here is a map for your convenience.

To contact the museum, you can use the following information.


Telephone: +31639482822


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