Netherlands Health Care – Everything You Need To Know About The Dutch Health Care

In this technology oriented world health care is also very important to focus. Here is a guide which will help you with the Netherlands health care system.

Netherlands healthcare system will help you what you need to know about mandatory Dutch health insurance, visiting a specialist or hospital or emergency visits to the doctors, and finding Dutch doctors, dentists, and pharmacies in the Netherlands.

The Dutch health care system is quite affordable in comparison to other western countries but the treatment is the most cost-effective.

Costs become high due to over-use of in-patient care, and the treatment and checkup regarding psychiatric care.

Netherlands healthcare system is divided into several categories:

  •  Three different echelons
  •  Regarding mental health care
  •  “Cure” (short-term) versus “care” (long-term)

Hospitals in Netherlands Health Care

Hospitals in the Netherlands are of three categories:

  • Academic – for care and research for specialists.
  • Teaching -for the training of healthcare practitioners.
  • General- for mild specialized care.

They all deal heir patients with care and concern and are moving to greater specialization in different domains.

Going to the doctor in the Netherlands

Doctors in The Netherlands

The GPs are responsible for maintaining all of your medical records and are the gatekeepers to all the other types of medical treatment. Netherlands health care system is strong and responsible towards its patients.

They are the first to contact when you have a health problem. They can deal with routine minute health issues, perform standard gynecological and pediatric examinations, and refer you onto other services, including hospitals, classified specialists, home midwifery and physiotherapy.

Dutch healthcare system

The Dutch health insurance system follows two laws,

  •  Zorgverzekeringswet (Zvw, healthcare insurance law)
  • AWBZ (general law on exceptional medical expenses)

Zorgverzekeringswet (Zvw, Healthcare Insurance Law)

The first law consists of rules and regulations of Dutch healthcare in short-term medical care which include a visit to a general practitioner, medicine prescriptions, hospital stays and midwifery services.

AWBZ (general law on exceptional medical expenses)

The second law of Dutch healthcare aims to provide exceptional and long-term medical care for the elderly, disabled and the chronically ill patients.

As the elderly are unable to take care of themselves and are provided with special medical services including in-home (medical) care provided by healthcare professionals.

The Dutch state healthcare system

The state of Netherland offers Netherlands health care mandatory insurance which is funded by the state and managed by private insurance companies.

The insurance companies receive funding from governments fund. All primary care and long-term care services which you will avail are offered at a fixed price.

It’s illegal for companies to refuse treatment for anyone or to impose punitive fees or conditions based on someone’s financial or health situation.

The Dutch private healthcare system

Insurance companies of Dutch health care can supplement their required offerings cost of which will vary. People with a lower income can apply for financial assistance for basic healthcare treatment.

If they want other supplemental services but can’t afford them.

Medicine & Pharmacies

Prescription medicines are only available from the pharmacy. You will need to register yourself to your local pharmacy to get medicines of prescriptions of Dutch health care system.

The doctor will prescribe you with the perfect match of medicine so you can get well soon.

Dentists in the Netherlands

Dentistry is denationalized in the Netherlands health care and not covered by basic insurance policies except for children who are18 and need special dental care, such as surgery. Dentists in the Netherlands usually work in their own single-dentist practice and earn on their own. The trend is that practices are becoming famous and in demand with more than one dentist per practice.

Dental Care Cost

Dental care also comes in Netherlands health care system. It depends on your health insurance, this could rebate up to 75 percent of the cost. Dentists use to list their prices on their website so you can check about the price of your treatment from there.

They are responsible for your dental health. Insurance companies have relatively low rates lists of how much they will cover for each treatment, allowing people to choose their own level of care and expenditure.

Specialists in the Netherlands

At first, you must refer to your local doctor in order to see a specialist. Most specialists work in a hospital environment, and unfortunately, you can experience a long wait period which is bad when you are sick.

The basic health insurance package will cover a visit to a specialist with ease, but an excess fee may apply, depending on the treatment you get.

Holland Healthcare costs

Holland Health care system

Holland health care is managed by the taxes. Employers pay a percentage of their employee’s income (7,65 percent in 2015) to the tax administration.

In addition, employees of Holland health care also pay a fixed percentage of their income (9,65 percent in 2015) to the government.

However, it is important to note that the premium costs can change considerably, depending on the chosen health insurance policy, level of coverage and excess amount.

Mental health

Mental health also comes in Netherlands healthcare system. There are also a lot of good English-speaking counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and alternative qualified practitioners to help with mental health issues in the Netherlands. Holland health care also gives this facility and gives treatment within Netherlands health care limited budget.

However, costs vary from doctor to doctor and not all of them will be covered by your health insurance.

Netherlands Health Care Insurance Plans: Cost and plans

Health insurance coverage is of 2 types:

  •  basic compulsory insurance
  •  additional insurance which is optional

Most of the services are likely to have out-of-pocket charges. The cost of basic Dutch medical insurance varies but it is almost €100 – €120 per month. Monthly premiums are fixed at the start of the calendar year.

You need to get insurance within 4 months when you arrive, but in order to do so, you’ll need to register yourself with your local council of the Netherlands healthcare system.


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