Magic Truffles Amsterdam – Learn About Truffles and Magic Mashrooms

Extracted from the same fungi, magic truffles Amsterdam are a replacement for the famous magic mushrooms. The Dutch government banned magic mushrooms in Holland during 2008-2009.

Their use as a “smart drug” served as the reason for the ban.

As a result, magic truffles became overly famous among locals and tourists.

What are Magic Truffles?

They are meaty brown nuts having a spongy texture. They resemble regular mushrooms and are not related to the chain of truffles at all.

Magic truffles are extracts of the same fungi as that of magic mushrooms and also have the same psychoactive effects.

Having a root-like structure, they grow under the fungi and thus exhibit the name Magic Truffles.

Effects of Magic Truffles Amsterdam

Although they are considered safe and non-toxic, their effects can be really strong and hand to handle for amateurs. Some people tend to underestimate the mind-altering effects or the hallucinations caused by these Amsterdam truffles.

Psilocin and Psilocybin are the substances that cause the psychedelic effects of truffles. The effects can be so overwhelming that they can cause actual harm to the person using them.

One incident relating this includes a girl jumping off a bridge in Amsterdam under the influence of these truffles.

The magic truffles Amsterdam entered the list of hard drugs due to these hard effects they cause to people who use them.

You can easily buy them from any one of the smart shops in Amsterdam that are famous for selling hard drugs.

The reaction of People on the Effects of Magic Truffles Amsterdam

Different people react differently to the use of the famous Amsterdam truffles. All this depends on the stamina of the person taking the drug and his or her exposure to drugs before.

The reaction or effects often depend upon the surroundings as well. A noisy or crowdy environment provides a different aura than a secure or familiar environment.

Most of the times people feel energetic and happy after using the drug.  People tend to feel an unrealistic high where they tend to be more open about their suppressed emotions.

This is a good thing unless you’re feeling uneasy or facing mental trauma or anxiety. The drug will enhance your emotions leaving you even more depressed and anxious.

What are the smart shops?

There are more or less 40 smart shops in Amsterdam. These shops sell a range of “legal highs” including cannabis, drug culture, paraphernalia etc.

They also stock up on the famous magic truffles in little plastic boxes that have instructions printed on them as well.

The instructions include the dosage and effects of the Amsterdam truffles. The shopkeepers are also well aware of the truffles and their effects and are happy to answer any queries regarding them.

The shop also has in stock different types of rolling papers and tips, pipes and vaporizers, weeds and seeds and grinders.

You can also buy grow kits for marijuana and mushrooms that you can take home and grow your own products.

How is Magic Truffles different from Magic Mushrooms?

The relation between magic mushrooms and magic truffles is their strain of fungi. Magic mushrooms were banned by the Dutch government due to the hard effects caused by their usage.

The dried magic mushrooms were banned in 2008 while the fresh ones were banned in 2009.

Smart shops all around Amsterdam used to sell these drugs but when the effects got way strong for people to handle, they had to be banned.

Are Magic Truffles Legal?

Although the magic mushrooms were banned, magic truffles are legal in most parts of Europe. But it still depends upon which country you’re in.

You don’t have to visit a smart shop especially to buy the truffles, you can also order them online and get them delivered to your home.

Duration of the “Magic” Drug

While the high kicks in within 10 minutes or 1 hour of consuming it, the effects will last for about 4 to 6 hours.

This duration also depends upon the stamina or immunity of the person taking it.

The general effects are the same for everyone but each person’s reaction can be very different and personal.

Magic Truffles Dosage

For beginners, the advised amount of drug ranges between 5 to 10 grams. However, experienced users can take up to 15 grams of the truffles.

The lighter the dose, the lighter will be the effect.

For a full-on high experience, you need a higher dose of the drug.

You must be very careful when selecting the amount of the drug that you want to consume. There have been many incidents where high dosage of the drug leads to different accidents like car crashes or a person ending up into one of the canals.

Cutting Down the Truffle Effect

If you’re not enjoying the trip from the drug and wish to get back to your normal self, eat something sweet.

Sugar will cut down the effect and help you get back to normal more quickly.

Tips to get the Ultimate High

If you want an out of the world experience, here are some tips that will enhance your trip.

  • Buy only the best truffles from a real smart shop. You will not only get the best quality but also the most reasonable price.
  • You will have an enhanced effect on an empty stomach. So for a better high, make sure you don’t eat for a few hours before taking the drug.
  • It is very important to stay safe. Hence, you’re advised to stay in a familiar surrounding and with a trusty friend, especially when taking the magic truffles for the first time.
  • Always start with a low dose and take more if you feel like it. Low doses can be increased but high dose, once taken, cannot be reversed.
  • Do not attempt to use the truffles with alcoholic substances

Types of Truffles in Amsterdam

Here is a list of different types of magic truffles available in smart shops in Amsterdam.

  • Atlantis – The strongest truffles among all available in smart shops. Very small quantities are recommended
  • Dragon’s Dynamite – In small doses, this dragon of a drug with leave you with an ecstasy hard to forget
  • Mexicana – A dose of this truffle will not only leave you seeing a distorted vision but also experience a fun trip.
  • Tampanensis – While a smaller dose will make you feel happy and high, higher doses will leave you euphoric, see vivid colors and feel spiritual.
  • Galindo  Even a normal dose will make you experience vivid and strong hallucinations and a rich experience.

Find Smart Shops in Amsterdam

We have made a short list of smart shops for you so you don’t have to put in much effort looking for them on your trip.

Tatanka Smartshop Amsterdam

Address: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 151a, Amsterdam.

Telephone: +31 6 22532525

Azarius Smart shop, headshop, and vaporizers

Address: Kerkstraat 119, Amsterdam.

Telephone: +31 20 489 7914

The Magic Mushroom Gallery

Address: Spuistraat 249, Amsterdam.

Telephone: +31 20 427 5765


Address: Warmoesstraat 12, Amsterdam.

Telephone: +31 20 421 7000

Number One

Address: Oude Hoogstraat 4, Amsterdam.

Telephone: +31 20 626 2904

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