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GVB Amsterdam – Travel The City With Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf

Are you planning to visit Amsterdam in near future? Then you must have all the information about public transport to make your visit effortless and which ensures you always arrive at your destination on time. In this situation, GVB Amsterdam is the right option for you.

GVB Amsterdam

GVB (Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf) is the municipal public transport operator which operates with metro, tram, bus and ferry services in the Amsterdam metropolitan area since 2012. Their main objective is to give people a comfortable, informed and appreciated feeling when they are traveling with public transport.

The number of passengers that travel with them every year is increasing steadily and on average they transport around 843 thousand travelers every day.

With 15 tram lines, 42 bus lines, 4 metro lines and 7 ferry connections this service are even active at night time.

GVB Amsterdam Services

The GVB mission is to provide the best municipal transport company in the Netherlands. GVB has many transportation networks which includes

1) Metro

Fast metro lines are partly elevated which transports large passenger flows from hotels to & from the Convention Centre or train stations.

Its new North-South line is under construction and is expected to be open in the summer of 2018.

Metro Route

The routes of the Metro line are

  • 50 – from Isolatorweg to Gein
  • 51 – from Westwijk to Central Station
  • 53 – from Gaasperplas to Central Station
  • 54 – from Gein to central station

2) Tram

The tram network almost covers the whole of Amsterdam, apart from the North. It consists of around 500 stops, 200km of tram rails and 200 trams in total.

The trams in the city work on “green” energy.

The 14 tram routes are located on the street which partly mixed with all other traffic. Some are located partly on lanes shared with buses and taxis, and rest are on separate lanes.

Tram Routes

Have a look at the tram routes before traveling

  • 1: Amsterdam Centraal – Leidsestraat – Station Lelylaan – Osdorp De Aker
  • 2: Amsterdam Centraal – Leidsestraat – Hoofddorpplein – Nieuw Sloten
  • 3: Zoutkeetsgracht – Ceintuurbaan – Muiderpoortstation
  • 4: Amsterdam Centraal – Utrechtsestraat – Station RAI
  • 5: Amsterdam Centraal – Leidsestraat – Station Zuid – Amstelveen Binnenhof
  • 7: Slotermeer – Leidseplein – Flevopark
  • 9: Amsterdam Centraal – Plantage – Diemen Sniep
  • 10: Westergasfabriek – Leidseplein – Azartplein
  • 12: Station Sloterdijk – Ceintuurbaan – Amstelstation
  • 13: Amsterdam Centraal – Rozengracht – Geuzenveld
  • 14: Slotermeer – Dam – Plantage – Flevopark
  • 16: Amsterdam Centraal – Vijzelstraat – De Lairessestraat – VU mc
  • 17: Amsterdam Centraal – Rozengracht – Station Lelylaan – Osdorp Dijkgraafplein
  • 26: Amsterdam Centraal – Piet Heintunnel – IJburg

3) Light Rail

GVB Amsterdam Light Rail

The light rail line is at the neighboring town Amstelveen, partly using metro tracks. Some are partly on the street with its own lanes, and with level crossings.

Light rail route

  • Line 51 to Amstelveen runs metro service between Central Station and Station Zuid

4) Bus

GVB Amsterdam Bus

Talking about buses, there are 212 GVB buses in Amsterdam, which makes a large bus network. Buses run in the night time on 10 lines and in the daytime on 25.

It’s 46 bus routes buses often mix with other traffic. Sometimes they are on lanes shared with trams and taxis, or for buses only.

5) Ferry

GVB Amsterdam Ferry

The ferry is totally free for pedestrians, cyclist and moped riders. It generally transports passengers from the North of Amsterdam to the Centre, sailing over the IJ.

GVB also arranges a ferry connection across the North Sea Canal.

There are 10 ferries across the IJ with having one persistent ferry. They operate 24 hours a day and are free of charge.

Moreover, GVB has offered a ferry connection between Central Station and Amsterdam-Noord for over 100 years. This service is also free of charge.

Tickets for GVB Amsterdam

There is a wide variety of tickets available depending on your travel plans and the duration of your stay which are especially valuable for visitors of Amsterdam.

Read about the tickets and choose one which suits best to your plan. Here’s the information about the tickets available.

1) Amsterdam Travel Ticket

Amsterdam travel ticket provides you with unlimited travel throughout Amsterdam on all GVB trams, (night) buses, metros, and ferries.

This easy going and all-in-one travel ticket offers unlimited 2nd class rail travel.

2) GVB Amsterdam day or multi-day ticket

With this ticket, you got unlimited travel throughout Amsterdam on all GVB trams, buses, and metros day and night.

You can book ferries for the number of days that best suit your plans.

For children having an age limit of 4 to 11 years, there is the very cheap children’s day ticket. The validity of day ticket is for 24 hours after you first check in.

3) GVB day pass for children

This ticket is specially designed for children. It is available at a greatly reduced price. This ticket is for children with age limit from 4 to 11 years.

The child day ticket works the same as the normal day ticket. It is used for all GVB trams, day and night buses, and metros starting from the time that your first check-in.

4) I Amsterdam City Card

Buy I Amsterdam city Card as it offers you unlimited travel throughout Amsterdam on all GVB trams, buses, ferries, and metros working day and night for 24, 48, 72 or 96 hours.

The I Amsterdam City Card is one of the most convenient and economical ways to experience Amsterdam.

Visit world-class museums, beautiful canals sites and surrounding areas with this card as it has a significant discount.

5) 1 Hour transport ticket Amsterdam

This one-hour transport ticket offers you to travel for one hour from your after check-in. If you don’t want to purchase a ticket for the whole day then this ticket is a good option.

6) Public transport Amsterdam day ticket

This public transport Amsterdam day ticket allows you to travel unlimited hours without any worry throughout the city.

The validity of this ticket is 24 hours.

7) Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket

If you want to discover Amsterdam and the surrounding area then you should buy Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket. This special travel ticket is valid for a one day on all metros, trams, buses, and trains operated by GVB.

8) Holland Travel Ticket

This one ticket provides you a carefree and unlimited travel for one day throughout the Netherlands on all public transport which is an amazing offer.

9) GVB 1-Hour ticket + bicycle

This ticket gives you a unique offer with which you can travel unlimited on GVB services for 1 hour and it allows you to bring your bicycle along with you on the metro or IJ tram route during not so busy hours.

10) GVB Night bus ticket

This ticket is suitable for you if you travel often at night. It can be used for a year. It is economical too.

GVB Amsterdam Mobile app

GVB Amsterdam has also launched its official application for mobile users named as GVB mobile application.

This mobile app will help you to give easy access to the city’s tram bus, tram and metro lines and ensures that you can travel around freely.

It’s handy and convenient with which you can easily book your transport and reach your destination. You can download it for free and save your favorite trips so you can have an easy access to frequent routes.

Once you download this app then you will get updated notifications about the arrival and departure of the different means of transport.


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