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Free Walking Tour Amsterdam | Sandemans New Europe

Do you have a short time and wish to experience the whole city of Amsterdam? Then the Free Walking Tour Amsterdam is the perfect solution for you. Sandemans New Europe arranges these tours every day without any delay or cancellation. And let you visit all the main attractions with expert local guides to make your experience more informative and fun.

Free Walking Tour Amsterdam Sandemans New Europe

Free Walking Tour Amsterdam

Taking a free walking tour Amsterdam is the best way to see the history and culture of the city. The classic Sandemans walking tour arranged by New Europe Tours organization hire local Amsterdammers as guides.

There is no better guide than a local to help you absorb the city’s tidbits.

You can book the tour at various timings during the day for a group of maximum 20 people. The tour only allows a limited number of people so that each person can have a good experience and no one suffers due to overcrowding of the group.

Amsterdam City Walk – An Expat’s Review

When I first came to Amsterdam, the enchanted aura took over me. I wanted to see anything and everything. And the more I saw, the more I started falling in love with Amsterdam.

From my experience, the walking tour Amsterdam is the best way to experience the city. You will not only be able to see all the major attractions, but the Dutch guides make sure that you don’t miss out on any interesting fact related to them.

The Sandemans walking tour guides are all local Amsterdammers and their knowledge of the city will definitely fascinate you. For example, who knew that the Emperor’s Canal got its name from the Emperor of Austria and not of the Netherlands?

I have learned so much about this historic and one of the most beautiful cities in the world during my stay here. And free walking tour Amsterdam has contributed a lot to it. And besides, it’s free!! Such a great experience but at no cost? That sure is a win-win.

Free Walking Tour Amsterdam Timings

You can book a tour for a group of 20 people or less at different timings of the day. Amsterdam city walk begins each day of the week at 10:30, 13:30 and 16:00 Hrs.

The starting point of the Amsterdam free walking tour

Amsterdam city walk starts from the same spot for all timings of each day. The start of the journey is marked at the National Monument at the Dam Square. Here is a map for your convenience.

What can we see during the Free Walking Tour Amsterdam?

Sandeman Walking Tours make sure that you don’t miss out on the big hits of the city. Along with that, you can learn about the traditions, culture, and history of the city and so much more in just a 2-hour journey.

Dutch people have some of the craziest traditions and you can learn all about them too during your Amsterdam city walk. The exquisite Dutch food and delicious coffee, drug stores and canals, UNESCO World Heritage sites. There is nothing that you can’t explore with the best walking tours in the world.

What are the three types of Free Walking Tour Amsterdam?

There are three types of Amsterdam free walking tour. All three offer different routes where you can experience a different part of the city.

Classic Tour

The main areas that you will see during the classic tour include.

  • The Red Light District (The oldest part of Amsterdam with a church in the middle)
  • The Waag (Harry Potter look-alike building in New markt)
  • University (Oude man, Huis Poort, Old Mens. There is also a book market on the way)
  • Begijinhof (Secret garden with a rare wooden house. Along with 2 historic churches)
  • Cana Belt Area (A UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Westerkerk (An old neighborhood in Amsterdam)

Alternative Tour

The main attractions included in this tour are.

  • Spui Straat (The original squatting street of Amsterdam)
  • Negan Straatjes (These are the nine streets where you will find original shops selling unique things)
  • Homo Monument (A symbol of acceptance of gays and lesbians)
  • Anne Frank House (The house turned museum where Anne Frank hid with her family during WWII)
  • Tulip Museum (The place where you will find all about the history of Hollan’s famous Tulips)
  • Jordaan (The most loved neighborhood of Amsterdam)
  • Alternative Red Light District (Yes there is an alternative one not many people know about)

Food Tour

sandmans new europe food

The free walking tour Amsterdam for food is a comparatively shorter trip but never less fun. You will get to experience the food culture of Amsterdam and the famous Dutch cuisine during this tour. Visiting different cafes, restaurants and coffee shops can be a tasty trip.

You can experience the taste of many things including.

  • Cheese,
  • Cannabis oil,
  • Licorice at a 17th-century shop,
  • Herring,
  • Stroop Waffle,
  • Ice cream, and so much more.

What is Sandemans New Europe?

guides at free Amsterdam walking tour

Sandemans New Europe that also goes by the name Sandemans Walking Tour is world renowned tour organization. Founded by Chris Sandeman, a Yale University graduate, in 2003, the company has expanded a lot over the past 15 years and now serves 19 cities across Europe.

The company partners with locals of each city who offer their services to spread knowledge of the city to tourists through amazing walking tours. More than 1.5 million people use these walking tour services provided by over 400 local guides.

Is the Amsterdam City Walk really free?

Yes, the free walking tour Amsterdam is actually free. However, you are welcome to leave any amount of tip that you feel the trip was worth.

Sandemans do not collect any ticket money and the company runs solely on donations and tips. The only earning the guides get are the tips left by the visitors.

This is such a great opportunity because anyone, no matter what their travel budget is, can join the tour for an amazing experience.

What language do the tour guides speak?

The entire tour is given in the English language. However, if your English is not that good, you can ask for a private tour in Dutch, German, and Spanish. You are also welcome to ask anything again if you were unable to understand the first time.

What is the distance and time covered on the tours?

The classic tour lasts for about 5 kilometers (3 miles) i.e. almost a circle around the Dam square.

The Alternate tour in less than 5 kilometers (almost 2.7 miles). A free food tour is the shortest among the three and lasts for only 2.3 kilometers.

All three tours last less than 2.5 hours.

Contact Free Walking Tour Amsterdam

You can easily contact the free walking tour Amsterdam through the following means.

Telephone: 06 83547547


Official Website:

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