Dutch Cuisine – Amsterdam Cuisine You Must Try!

Traditionally, Dutch cuisine is simple and healthy, with a lot of vegetables and little meat: breakfast and lunch are typically served with bread and toppings like cheese, generally, dinner is meat and potatoes, supplemented with seasonal vegetables.

During the twentieth century, Dutch cuisine changed and became more famous.

Netherlands food gained popularity and have become traditional Dutch cuisine were as sweet filling, hot and sturdy dishes that kept you full and warm in winter.

Favored ingredients were generally those that were grown in local farms that are strong root vegetables and foods which were smoked, dried or pickled to preserve them for consumption in the winter.

Dutch breakfast foods are also a major meal in Dutch cuisine.

Dutch people like it the most. Their breakfast is light and healthy. Various are the varieties of Dutch breakfast foods.

Over the years when the agriculture was established, the earliest main ingredients in a Dutch meal were grains and legumes.

Potatoes didn’t become the major ingredient until the 18th century. merely Dutch people are known for cheese, as the like it a lot.

Some Traditional Dutch Cuisines

Stamppot is traditional Dutch cuisine. Stamppot is an old-style famous Dutch dish. It is made with mashed potatoes which are mixed with one or more vegetables like kale, carrots, endive or sauerkraut. ‘Stamppot’ is generally served during the winter season and enjoyed best with ‘rookworst’.

The Netherlands has not special Dutch cuisine, but you should at least try some of the Netherlands food items mentioned below when you are visiting Amsterdam & The Netherlands.

Haring ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’

Haring in netherlands Dutch FOOD CUISINE

Haring or ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’ Dutch new herring is probably the most famous Dutch food in Dutch cuisine.

The raw herring is served freshly together with chopped raw onions and gherkins. Also, the way of eating this dish is a real Dutch tradition.


STROOPWAFEL Amsterdam Cuisine

It is the most famous and popular pastry from The Netherlands. A ‘stroopwafel’ is a different kind of cookie. It is a soft waffle textured made from baked batter and sliced horizontally.

The two thin layers of the waffle are filled with special thick, sweet and sticky syrup filled in between. The thick batter for the waffles is made from butter, flour, yeast, milk, brown sugar and eggs.



The ‘kroket’ in the Netherlands are eaten as a snack. They are the deep-fried roll with meat ragout inside, covered in breadcrumbs. ‘ Kroket’ is pronounced as croquette in English.

The ‘kroket’ in Dutch is made from beef or veal, but there are many different types like chicken satay, shrimps, goulash or even a vegetarian ‘kroket’.


Amsterdam food and Cuisine - Patat

The Dutch pronunciation of French Fries has many different words: ‘Friet’, ‘Frites’, ‘Patat’ or ‘Vlaamse frieten’.

They are thicker than the regular French Fries and invented in the northern part of Belgium.

The Dutch really like them especially with their special toppings such as mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, curry or peanut sauce.


Oliebollen Amsterdam Cuisine

Oliebollen’ is traditional Dutch sweet donuts like food. These treats are served at New Year’s Eve and are quite similar in taste to the donut.

Dutch Breakfast foods

Dutch breakfast foods have a variety of dishes. Most common breakfast dishes are soft bread slices with sweet or savory spreads, as well as muesli and yogurt.

Breakfast also comes in Dutch cuisine.

Netherlands food is simple, healthy and tasteful. Dairy items such as cheeses, milk, and eggs often play a role in the first meal of the day in the Netherlands.

Some other Dutch breakfast foods are:

Bread with chocolate sprinkles

Usually, soft sliced bread spread with butter or margarine whatever you like, and sprinkled with grains of chocolate.

Rye bread

Rye Bread breakfast cuisine

Dutch rye bread is different from rye bread from other countries. Actually, rye bread is not even considered to be a bread.

It is a densely baked, made from broken rye grains.

Most people chose it over normal bread for many health benefits, and for the thicker texture and heartier flavor. Different regions of Dutch have different recipes for rye bread.


Krentenbol Dutch Breakfast cuisine

It is a soft roll, filled with black currants.

Quite sweet and wholesome for breakfast.


Wentelteefjes - Dutch Cuisine Breakfast

The most favorite of the traditional Dutch breakfast foods, wentelteefjes are a wonderful treat for those mornings when you have time to enjoy and sit down for a more leisurely breakfast.


Dutch cuisine is traditionally quite simple, healthy and dominated by the Netherland’s strong agricultural industries. Do try these Netherlands foods when you visit there.

From breakfasts to dinner they have a wide cuisine with numerous traditional dishes.

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